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Static 0 to 9 display With 7490 & 7446 IC

The Ciruit apparent here is of a simple 0 to 9 display that can be active in a lot of applications. The circuit is based on asynchronous decade adverse 7490(IC2), a 7 articulation affectation (D1), and a seven articulation decoder/driver IC 7446 (IC1).

The seven articulation affectation consists of 7 LEDs labelled ‘a’ through ‘g’. By advanced biasing altered LEDs, we can affectation the digits 0 through 9. Seven articulation displays are of two types, accepted cathode and accepted anode. In accepted anode blazon anodes of all the seven LEDs are angry together, while in accepted cathode blazon all cathodes are angry together. The seven articulation affectation acclimated actuality is a accepted anode blazon .Resistor R1 to R7 are accepted attached resistors. IC 7446 is a decoder/driver IC acclimated to drive the seven articulation display.

Working of thiscircuit is actual simple. For every alarm beating the BCD achievement of the IC2 (7490) will beforehand by one bit. The IC1 (7446) will break this BCD achievement to agnate the seven articulation anatomy and will drive the affectation to announce the agnate digit.