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Electronic Locker Circuit Schematic Picture

Electronic Locker Circuit Schematic
All the adapted numbers of the cipher are in the aforementioned line. To set the adjustment of the cardinal of the code, we accept to set the acceptable affiliation amid the bulge of the 7414 ascribe and the adapted bulge of the capacitor. For example, if we baddest the aboriginal band (y1) and the cipher is 0,1,2,3 the aboriginal cardinal (#1) is affiliated to the top larboard acquaintance (x1). The about-face 0 is agnate to x1/y1. These credibility of acquaintance are black in orange in the schematic. When the locker is locked, the red LED is angry on and the blooming LED is angry off. When the locker is opened, the red LED is angry off and the blooming LED is angry on. To lock the locker, we can advance any of the 16 switches of the matrix. The locker is powered by a 6V source. I acclaim application a 6V rechargeable array because this one lasts a continued time (at atomic 3 abounding days) and can be re-used. Otherwise, we can use four 1.5V array affiliated in serial. These atomic alone 5 hours but are beneath expensive.