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100W Audio Amplifier with TDA7294

100W Audio Amplifier with TDA7294
TDA7294 is an integrated, monolithic, Class AB audio amplifier designed precisely for Hi-Fi applications. The IC has a DMOS output stage and can deliver 100W RMS into an 8Ohm speaker at +/-38V dual supply.

In the circuit TDA7294 is configured to provide 100W output power into an 8Ohm loudspeaker at +/- 38V supply. C8 is the input coupling capacitor and the input is applied to the non-inverting input (Pin3) of the IC. C3 and C9 are power supply filter capacitors although C10 and C4 are bypass capacitors. C2 is the bootstrap capacitor.

RC network comprising of R1 and C1 improves the high frequency stability of the amplifier and as well prevents oscillations. R2 and C6 sets the mute time constant while R3 and C5 sets the standby time constant. S1 the mute switch and S2 are the standby switch. R5 is the input resistance and the amplifiers input impedance has a direct relationship to its value. R4 and R6 is employed for setting type closed loop gain and With the used value, gain is 30dB. C2 is a DC decoupling.