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MC3479 Stepper Motor Driver

MC3479 Stepper Motor Driver
The circuit diagram is given here is a motor controller driver using the Motorola MC3479. The MC3479 is designed specifically for driving a stepper motor phase 2 in bipolar mode and is available in standard DIP and surface mount IC packages.The is compatible with TTL and CMOS and has selectable HI / LOW output impedance .

The output can deliver up to 350 mA each of the two coils of a stepper motor 2 phases. The change of output state occurs in the low to high transition of the input clock pulse. The new output will depend on the exit of age and state of the digital inputs. The output L1 to L4 are the results of high currents, which when connected to a stepper motor a two-phase full-bridge two formations.

Resistors R1 and Rb, Zener diode D1 and IC2 MC14049UB are additional components that are used in the circuit. R1 is an uprising and resistance Rb is used to set the maximum output sink. Zener diode D1 provides back emf protection.