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AM Portable Receiver Using ZN414

AM Portable Receiver Using ZN414

a AM portable ​​radio receiver using ZN414 IC. The ZN414 ic has now been replaced by the MK484 which is identical in performance and pinout.

Designed around the popular ZN414 IC this receiver covers the range of medium wave band of approximately 550 to 1600 KHz with the values ​​indicated. The condenser coil and tuning can be taken from an old MW radio to save time. The ZN414 IC, has been replaced by the MK484. The integrated circuit is a 3 pin, tuned circuit radio frequency, and incorporates several RF stages, automatic gain control and an AM detector. It's easy to overload and voltage of th IC is critical to success.

In this circuit a small voltage regulator turns on the transistor BC108B, 1N4148 diodes four, 2k7 and 10k resistor and the resistance of pre 820R. The 10k pot control acts as a receptor selectivity for all, control the operating voltage for the ZN414 (or MK484).

The audio amplifier is built on an investment of 741 op-amp amplifier circuit. Additional current pulse is provided by the BC109C / BC179 complementary pair of transistors to drive a 8 ohm speaker. The voltage gain full audio amplifier is around 15. The audio output of the complete receiver is really good and undistorted.