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50MW Audio Amplifier circuit

50MW Audio Amplifier circuit50MW Audio Amplifier circuit

The following is a small audio amplifier comparable to what you may come across a small transistor radio medium size. The input stage is biased to ensure that the power is divided equally to provide the two complimentary output transistors which are slightly biased in conduction of the diodes between the bases. A 3.three ohm used in sequence for the use of the issuers of the output transistors to stabilize the bias current that does not change significantly with temperature or several transistors and diodes.

Due to recent increases in bias voltage between the emitter and base decreases as a result of minimizing driving. Input impedance is 500 ohms and the voltage gain is approximately five to eight ohm speaker connected. The voltage swing around the speaker is 2 volts without distorting production and capacity is at the same time in the 50 milliwatt range. A high voltage provided as well as the addition of heat sinks in the output transistors would be a great source of more power. Circuit thirty milliamperes draw a supply of 9 volts.