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Simple Circuit 12V to 120V DC DC Converter

Simple Circuit 12V to 120V DC DC ConverterIts a simple circuit of 12V DC to 120V DC converter. The circuit consists of two phases first phase of the investor base and then a rectifier and filter stage. IC1 NE555 is wired as an astable multivibrator operating at a frequency of 100 Hz and can be adjusted to the preset R1. IC1 output is coupled to the clock input of IC2 is a dual CMOS D flip-flop. IC2 divides the pulse train of 100 Hz IC1 2 50 Hz pulse trains that are 180 degrees out of the party and offered on the pin 1 and 2 of IC2.

When pin 1 is high transistor Q1 conducts and current flows through the upper half of T1 primary winding. When pin 2 is the transistor Q2 conducts and high current flows through the lower half of the primary coil T1. As a result of a voltage of 120 V AC are induced in the secondary of T1. This voltage is rectified with bridge D1 to provide a 120V DC output. Capacitor C2 is the DC input filter, while C3, C4 are the output filters.

  • The circuit can be assembled on a vero board.
  • Q1 and Q2 require heat sink.
  • Output power of this dc dc converter is around 100 watts.
  • IC1 and IC2 are to be mounted on holders.
  • An optional 5A fuse can be added in series to the 12V supply line.
  • T1 can be a 9-0-9V /250V/3A mains transformer.
  • If 3A bridge is not available make one using 1N5408 diodes.
  • Out of the two Flip-Flops inside CD4013 only one is used here.
  • Output of IC1 must be set to 100Hz by adjusting preset R1