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Traffic Light 20 Chanel based on 74LSxx

Traffic Light 20 Chanel based on 74LSxxTraffic Light 20 Chanel based on 74LSxx

This view of the proposed traffic Light 20 Chane based only on family and 74LSxx IC 555 as clock source. It is a digital logic circuit. To construct the traffic light rangkaian Control requires no programming of microcontrollers.

This page features a circuit that has twenty open collector outputs that turn on one at a time in a continuous sequence. The circuit make use of the family 74LSxx TTL integrated logic devices. The circuits are designed to drive light emitting diodes or low current and low voltage incandescent lamps, but can also lead to other charges of 80 milliamps.

  • The low output go in sequence from 1 - 0 and back to 1 -0
  • At the clock rate of the 555 timer
  • c3 = 1uf to 10uf depending on the rate of change desured
  • R2 (Variable resistor) in use to determine the timer