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Preamplifier Switching Center Module

Preamplifier Switching Center ModulePreamplifier Switching Center Module
R1,R2,R3,R4____100K 1/4W Resistors
R5_____________560R 1/4W Resistor

SW1,SW2________2 poles 4 ways Rotary Switches

J1 to J6_______RCA audio input sockets

This Module can be a all-important accession to the Modular Preamplifier Control Center back added than two sources charge to be affiliated to the preamplifier chain.

Four aerial akin inputs can be alleged by agency of SW1 and baffled to the output. The achievement of this bore charge be affiliated by a acceptable cable to one of the two inputs of the Control Center module. In this way, a absolute of bristles inputs will be accessible to the user of this bore combination.

The Switching Control appearance additionally the so alleged "Double Bar", i.e. the achievability of acquisition to an alien unit, e.g. a recorder (tape or digital) an ascribe arresting altered from that reproduced at the time by the amplifier.

For example, you can accept in to a CD admitting the arresting advancing from a radio base through the Tuner is baffled to the recorder. This alternative is operated by agency of SW2.

As with the added modules of this series, anniversary cyberbanking lath can be adapted into a accepted enclosure: Hammond extruded aluminum cases are able-bodied ill-fitted to host the boards of this preamp. In particular, the cases sized 16 x 10.3 x 5.3 cm or 22 x 10.3 x 5.3 cm accept a actual acceptable attending back stacked. See beneath an archetype of the accessible adjustment of the advanced and rear panels of this module.


  • No power supply is necessary for this module
  • The circuit diagram shows the Left channel only, so all the parts must be doubled except SW1 and SW2 which are double pole switches, i.e. ready for stereo.