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FM Receiver / TV Tuner TDA7000

FM Receiver / TV Tuner  TDA7000FM Receiver / TV Tuner TDA7000

This simple one chip FM receiver / TV tuner will acquiesce you to accept frequencies from 70 up to 120MHz. With this baby receiver it is accessible to auto TV stations, absolute 88 - 108MHz FM band, aircraft chat and abounding added clandestine transmissions. It is a absolute accompaniment to any FM Transmitter abnormally if FM bandage in your breadth is actual crowded. TDA7000 receiver offers actual acceptable acuteness accordingly it will alike acquiesce you to auto weaker signals that cannot be heard on accepted FM receivers.

A accurate affection of presented TDA7000 FM receiver is a voltage controlled oscillator agnate to TV tuners that are acclimated in television sets. Abundance is acquainted by capricious the ascribe voltage to the oscillator. The advantage of this blazon of oscillator is that you can use approved 100K potentiometer to absolutely tune to a accustomed broadcast. Tuning can be performed abundant quicker and absolutely than by application a trimmer (variable capacitor). Trimmers will additionally about-face the abundance as you blow them area potentiometer will not. Trimmer additionally needs to be placed on receiver's PCB to abbreviate the devious capacitance area potentiometer can be calmly placed anywhere you appetite because it will not be afflicted by any alien capacitance.