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Melody Generator using M66T

Melody Generator using M66TMelody Generator using M66T

This is the actual simple way to comedy a song with distinct 1.5 battery. You can body this circuit for allowance acceccories. When the allowance opened, again a song will be played.. It’s accessible and bargain right..? :D . It aloof use a distinct baby dent which will accomplish a song which already buried central the chip.

Components List:
C = 1uF
R = 4.7KW
Q = 2SC9013

About IC M66T series:
The M66T series is a CMOS LSI designed melody generator IC for use in telephones and toys application. It has an on-chip ROM programmed for musical performance. Produced by CMOS technology, the device results in very low power consumption. And with built-in RC oscillator, a compact melody module can be constructed with only a few additional components.

M66T pin assignment:

  • Pin 1 (O/P) Melody Output
  • Pin 2 (Vdd) Positive Power Supply
  • Pin 3 (Vss) Negative Power Supply

The following are the M66T series and the song generated by its series:

  • M66T-01L : Jingle Bells + Santa Claus Is Coming To Town + We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • M66T-05L : Home Sweet Home
  • M66T-09L : Wedding March (Mendelssohn)
  • M66T-19L : For Alice
  • M66T-68L : It Is A Small World