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Excellent Electronics Heterodyne Detector

Excellent Electronics Heterodyne DetectorExcellent Electronics Heterodyne Detector

The bat ultrasounds are best up by the microphone SPKR1 and go through two stages of addition at Q1 and Q2. Separately, a tunable (R12) distinct abundance is produced by the LM567 oscillator U1. The LM567 is a accent decoder but actuality its ascribe is ashore and its voltage controlled oscillator is acclimated as a attention oscillator. The oscillator abundance is accustomed by

    f = 1/(1.1*C4*(R10 + R12))
= 1/(1.1*0.0022*10-6*(4.7 + [0-50])*103)
= [88-7.5] khz

The two signals are alloyed at Q3 to aftermath both a arresting in the audio ambit and college frequencies that are again filtered out.

The actual audio arresting undergoes a aftermost date of controlled (R13) addition with the LM386 at U2 afore actuality accessible for achievement at AUDIO OUT. The ability antecedent is a simple 9V battery, so this apparatus is absolutely portable.