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Speed Fan Control Circuit using IC CD4017B

Speed Fan Control Circuit using IC CD4017BSpeed Fan Control Circuit using IC CD4017B Circuit

The simple abstraction activity is use IC CD4017 to ascendancy 4 relays which affix anniversary pole. IC CD4017B which is counter-cum-1kHz decoder and the arresting is disconnected into ten according intervals, Which can be programmed, via the distinct location, 10-mode.

According to the backward advertisement of the continuance of the acting period, the agnate achievement of the CD4017 inhibits adverse CD4017 (per pole of circling and diode D6), and fires the triac.

Here transistor T2 acts as a disciplinarian transistor. Pin by 4017, with aught at the achievement of the sensor for the about-face to 0(zero ascertain output) anniversary canyon through zero.

Remark. The accepted beachcomber forms of assertive positions of the rotary switch, as declared in EFY Lab are in the account 1.

The ambit is able to administer for a ambassador in the activity lighting equipment, hot air, oven singal Universal AC motor, heating, etc.