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Metal Detector Schematic Circuit Diagram

Metal Detector Schematic Circuit DiagramMetal Detector Schematic Circuit Diagram

The ambit declared actuality is that of a metal detector. The opera- tion of the ambit is based on superheterodyning assumption which is frequently acclimated in superhet receivers. The ambit utilises two RF oscillators. The frequencies of both oscillators are anchored at 5.5 MHz. The aboriginal RF oscillator comprises transistor T1 (BF 494) and a 5.5MHz bowl clarify frequently acclimated in TV sound-IF section. The additional oscillator is a Colpitt�s oscillator realised with the advice of transistor T3 (BF494) and inductor L1 (whose architecture capacity follow) shunted by trimmer capacitor VC1. These two oscillators� frequencies (say Fx and Fy) are alloyed in the mixer transistor T2 (another BF 494) and the aberration or the exhausted abundance (Fx-Fy) achievement from beneficiary of transistor T2 is affiliated to detector date absolute diodes D1 and D2 (both OA 79).

The achievement is a pulsating DC which is anesthetized through a low-pass clarify realised with the advice of a 10k resistor R12 and two 15nF capacitors C6 and C10. It is again anesthetized to AF amplifier IC1 (2822M) via aggregate ascendancy VR1 and the achievement is fed to an 8-ohm/1W speaker. The inductor L1 can be complete application 15 turns of 25SWG wire on a 10cm (4-inch) bore air-core above and again cementing it with careful varnish. For able operation of the ambit it is analytical that frequencies of both the oscillators are the aforementioned so as to access aught exhausted in the absence of any metal in the abreast around of the circuit.

The alignment of oscillator 2 (to bout oscillator 1 frequency) can be done with the advice of trimmer capacitor VC1. When the two frequencies are equal, the exhausted abundance is zero, i.e. exhausted frquency=Fx-Fy=0, and appropriately there is no complete from the loudspeaker. When chase braid L1 passes over metal, the metal changes its inductance, thereby alteration the additional oscillator�s frequency. So now Fx-Fy is not aught and the loudspeaker sounds. Appropriately one is able to ascertain attendance of metal