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Guitar Control Circuit Diagram

Guitar Control Circuit DiagramGuitar Control Circuit Diagram

Device purpose:

This preamplifier was advised as a stand-alone carriageable unit, advantageous to ascendancy the signals generated by guitar pick-ups, decidedly the acquaintance "bug" types activated to acoustic instruments. Obviously it can be acclimated with any blazon of apparatus and pick-up.

It appearance a -10dB, 0dB and +10dB pre-set ascribe selector to acclimatize ascribe sensitivity, in adjustment to cope with about any analeptic blazon and model. a actual continued array activity is ensured by the abundantly low accepted burning of this circuit, i.e. beneath than 800µA.

Circuit operation:

IC1A op-amp is alive as an inverting amplifier, accepting its accretion set by a three means about-face inserting altered amount resistors in alongside to R4. This ascribe date is followed by an alive three-band accent ascendancy date accepting accord accretion back controls are set in their centermost position and congenital about IC1B.