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Audio Power Amplifier 170W with LM4651 & LM4652

Audio Power Amplifier 170W with LM4651 & LM4652Audio Power Amplifier 170W with LM4651 & LM4652

The aggregate of the LM4651 disciplinarian IC and the LM4652 ability MOSFET Class D ability amplifier IC provides a aerial ability amplifier solution, acceptable for self-powered speakers, subwoofers and affection car boosters.

The LM 4651 is a absolutely chip accepted beating amplitude modulator (PWM) driver, absolute undervoltage, abbreviate circuit, overmodulation, and thermal abeyance aegis circuitry. The IC appearance a standby action which shuts bottomward the beating amplitude modulation, aspersing accumulation current.

The LM 4652 is a absolutely chip H-bridge Ability Mosfet IC in a TO220 ability package. The IC has a congenital in temperature sensor to active the LM4651 back the die temperature exceeds the beginning limit.

Used together, the LM4651 and LM4652 anatomy a simple, compact, efficient, aerial affection ability audio amplifier band-aid complete with protection, commonly apparent alone in Class AB amplifiers.